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Arjun Patel

Hey, I am Arjun Patel

- Joined in Dec, 2018

Hi there! I'm Arjun Patel. I'm a thirteen-year-old teenager who enjoys attending galleries, crafting with my siblings, and cycling. I am motivational and ambitious, but I can also be a bit impatient. I currently go to Uptown Middle School, where my favourite subjects are technical drawing and woodwork. All my teachers there love me and I love them! I can't wait for quarantine to be over so that I can have fun again with my friends!

Skills: Soccer cycling Technical drawing woodwork
Hobbies: Soccer drawing attending galleries crafting with my siblings cycling skating
Books: The Fault in our Stars The Book Thief Thirteen Reasons Why A Wrinkle in Time The Lord of the Rings hthehsnsjansjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjsjjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjjssjsjsjjsjssjsj
Movies: Booksmart The DUFF Project X

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