Homemade Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder

This was one of the crafts that I did for Back to School in 3rd grade. I wanted to buy a school pencil box, bu tended up making this amazing, crafty Homemade Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder.

    Materials Used
     1.  Paper rolls (store bought, toilet paper rolls, kitchen towel rolls…)
     2. Green paper or paint
     3. Red paper
     4. White paper
     5. Gray construction paper
     6. Scissor
     7. Glue
     8. Black Marker
     9. Stapler        


        Step 1: Paint the paper rolls green or wrap them in green paper

        Step 2: Make glasses. Draw a glasses outline.

        Step 3: Cut them out. Also cut two smaller white circles.

        Step 4: Glue them inside the gray glasses and draw black dots for eyes.

        Step 5: Now glue the glasses on one of the green paper rolls.

        Step 6: Draw the mouth on the paper roll.

        Step 7: Staple all the green paper rolls together.

        Step 8: You can staple the one with the glasses a bit higher than the others.

        Step 9: Now to make the book for the bookworm.

        Step 10: Cut a red rectangle and fold it in half. This makes the book cover.

        Step 11: Also cut white rectangles (make them smaller than the red one), fold them in half and scribble on the pages to get the book look.

        Step 12:. Glue or staple the pages and the book cover together.

        Step 13:Cut two hands out of green paper. Glue them on the bookworm.

        Step 14: Apply glue at the end of the hands (you can fold them a bit).

        Step 15: Glue the book to the bookworm’s hands.

        Step 16: All done, your DIY Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder is all done and ready to hold some pencils!


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